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I'm just wondering if anyone has some advice for me. I'm an undergraduate student studying psychology and will be graduating in the spring. Although it's taken me a while to figure this out, I want... Read More

  1. by   gettingbsn2msn
    After you pass boards you can work as a RN. For Vanderbilt that would be after the first year. You could work the entire 2nd year (possibly) while doing the NP part. I would go on their website to see because I am wondering how you would fit in clinicals. I know with Vandy you can do clinicals outside of TN in your home area. However, currently I am doing clinicals for my program but I am finding it hard to work. I have clinicals 5 days a week but my MD preceptor set it up that way. I am with her in the mornings, when she goes to the hospital I study. It works out. I will be looking for a short term travel assignment to fit in at the end of summer so I will not need any cash or student loans for fall (hopefully).
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    These are a couple of the schools I would check out if I were you - seems to be possible within your time constraints.
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    When will the final decision be made on requiring NP's to go the DNP route (in 2015+)? I've done some online research, and nothing seems concrete yet. I am just worried now, since I was planning to apply near that time.
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    I know a Vandy grad that went straight through for her NP..walked away from her first job and had trouble having a it was probably her work history that had most of the bearing on finding a job...imho
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    Quote from NAURN

    As far post master's in oncology... I don't know of programs for this... usually the programs are specific to a certain population... i.e. peds, adults, acute care, family, crna, etc. THEN you can specialize in a certain area, but you would need to be trained in your specialty. I think it would be awesome if once you get the NP, if we could then get certificates in certain specialties, i.e. oncology, cardiology, derm, etc. That would really awesome. But as of now, I don't know of these existing?
    Those are the traditional post-master's you listed, but there are some new ones coming down the pipeline including oncology (UNC-Chapel Hill has a good program), palliative care, emergency medicine. I personally am looking into an ER or ACNP post-masters for once I finish an FNP