FAU BSN-DNP start May 2018

  1. I could not find a thread for the DNP program starting May 2018, so I thought I would start one. Had my interview and now the wait begins...
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  3. by   jr915
    Thanks for starting this thread. I also had my interview today. Hopefully we'll find out sooner than late March
  4. by   mgoldfinger
    I had my interview last week! anxiously awaiting and hoping it will be earlier than what they said. what program did you guys apply to?
  5. by   jr915
    I applied for the BSN-DNP PMHNP concentration. Which one did you apply to?
  6. by   annasmum
    I hope so too. The wait is killing me. I applied for the FNP concentration at the Boca campus.
  7. by   mgoldfinger
    PHMNP program too! the interview was so straightforward it was almost scary
  8. by   jr915
    I agree. It was so short.
  9. by   jr915
    I know the PMHNP concentration is online, except for the Health Assessment class and DNP seminars, but which campus did you sign up for? The first question during my interview was if it is okay if they put me down for Health Assessment at the Harbor Branch Campus. Hope that is a good sign.
  10. by   annasmum
    I never realized that some of the programs are mostly online. My classes are on campus at least once a week which I actually like. I would have thought it is a good sign that they asked you about the Harbor Branch Campus.
  11. by   mgoldfinger
    Yeah I think this summer the classes are only 1 weekend day a month on campus which is nice as far as making a work schedule.
    They asked me what campus I signed up for and I said Boca and that was really it, but that was the first thing they asked me before they asked questions.

    Are you applying to any other schools?
  12. by   jr915
    I think they ask everyone the same questions, at least that's what they said. I didn't apply anywhere else. Did you? There are only a few schools that have the PMHNP concentration.
  13. by   eh14
    doesn anyone know if the MSN or DNP tuition is any cheaper for online? looks like the out of state tuition is much higher than in state
  14. by   jr915
    It's the same for online vs in class. Out of state is always a lot more expensive, no matter whichschool or state.