Fall 2014 Admissions

  1. I figured I'd open a general thread for those of us waiting on admissions decisions for Fall 2014, who have applied to more than one school.

    List your schools, the programs you applied to, and your stats. Aaaaand, GO!
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  3. by   scarykarrey
    The programs I applied to:

    Allen College (AGNP)
    University of Alabama at Birmingham (AGNP/WHNP)

    My stats:
    GPA (last 60 hours) - I think around a 3.5
    GRE - 163V/157Q/5.0A
    No experience, finishing my BSN in May
  4. by   2content4u
    Indiana state university ARNP program... Accepted 2014 Fall
  5. by   Jason'sgirl
    I have been an RN since 2006 and have worked at the bedside on medsurg/tele/critical care units. Currently I work in case management as a utilization review nurse. After starting my nursing career with an ADN I went back and earned a BSN. I have applied at Grand Canyon University and to Northern Arizona University for their FNP program. My GPA is 3.34. Expecting to hear back from both schools by the end of March 2014.
  6. by   4lotus8
    Good luck everyone!
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  7. by   LittleMissVixen410
    We just asked very similar questions

    I applied to Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, UNC Wilmington, and the University of Alabama. Haven't heard back from any of them yet. Applied for FNP and also PMHNP where it's offered. I can't decide myself which path I want to take, I have experience in psych and medical, so I figured I'd let the schools decide for me!

    Stats -
    GPA - overall 3.74, just in nursing 3.9
    GRE - 152V/162Q/4.0A
    2 years experience
  8. by   stickit34
    UPenn - FNP
    Penn State - FNP
    U Pitt - FNP

    GPA 3.2
    1 year of acute care experience

    Right now I have an interview for Pitt. Penn State begins review in March. UPenn is under review. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   scarykarrey
    I'm supposed to hear about Allen College this week! Today is Friday, so hopefully it'll be by the end of the day today. I've got an interview at UIC next week, and then the deadline for UAB isn't until the end of this month, so it'll be forevers before I hear about that one.

  10. by   rnmindy
    Ok, this wait for a response is KILLING ME! I applied to USA (University of South Alabama) for their PNP program. I applied for the Fall 2014. They state on their website that we won't hear anything until 6-8 weeks after the application deadline which ends April 1st! That puts us into mid May before getting an answer! That really sucks since I sent my application in December! Anway, I had a 3.56 overall and 3.25 Nursing GPA. I didn't take the GRE as it was not required. I have been a nurse for 7 years, 3 of those years were in Peds ICU and the others have been spent in outpatient care and in the Compliance department. My passion is Peds to fingers crossed I get in! I cant take this wait!!
  11. by   VIDASH1
    Waiting for the same minndy
  12. by   VIDASH1
    I applied for the ECNP and waiting anxiously for a response too, I hope I get in. My overall GPA was 3.9 but NursingCAS have it calculated as 3.2, I hope I get in, I am sooooo nervous
  13. by   stickit34
    UPenn said that the decision could take up to six to eight weeks. /dies Good things come to those who wait hopefully! My interview went well with Pitt but haven't heard anything yet. Penn State makes decisions on the 24th.
  14. by   TorresFNP2b
    I've applied to the FNP programs at Texas Tech, Texas Woman's, and UT Medical Branch. My BSN gpa was 3.8, overall gpa is roughly 3.6. I already had a BS in Psychology. I have worked for a little over a year now in mental health and chemical dependency.