Extra preparation before starting ACNP?

  1. So, I've just been accepted to start full time on my ACNP this fall (gulp, next month actually). I had thought I'd only be able to go part time, but that's not the case. Thus I now have to figure out a couple things....

    1) what to do with my ICU job, i.e. go part time so I can be in the mix and keep building skills or go per diem and be able to devote all my time to my classes

    2) Since this is last minute, should I just postpone until next fall and review A&P (4 yrs old now) and maybe take a biochem class? (never had it, only basic physical chemistry). Is this helpful for making better sense of of patho and pharm?

    I really just want to get started, but of course this type of program means you really need to take everything in and keep it in, not just regurgitate it for a test and move on.

    I've got 2.5 years experience, which isn't nothing but isn't spectacularly long either. And I know no one has a crystal ball, but any helpful thoughts?

    I'm in brain melt mode. Over the last couple months I've read every darn thread on this forum scouring for insight. FNP/ANP/ACNP/CRNA. Oh god the spinning! As of now I still have the option to switch to ANP.....stop it!
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  3. by   MERCEDES674
    I am in the FNP program and have been reviewing A&P as I go along. I wouldn't wait until next year because you never know what might come up. I think it's best to go into the program while undergrad nursing school is still on your mind. I wish I wouldn't have waited three years to start simply because I had forgotten so much of what I learned in undergrad. There are a lot of NP students that I have met who still work 36 hours but, usually at night. I work for an agency but usually about 24 hours a week. I am doing just fine. I have two classes left. Good Luck
  4. by   CCRNDiva
    Congratulations on your acceptance into a program!!!

    I'm starting school next month as well and I'm quite nervous too. I plan on working part-time while attending school full-time. I don't have the option to not work but I think I'll do ok while working 24hrs/wk. Several of the job openings I see for ACNPs require recent critical care experience. I think it would serve you well to continue to work throughout your program. The program I'll attend actually encourages their students to work throughout their studies. I try to take advantage of every teaching moment I can at work. Thankfully, I work with some great physicians who like to teach. Not to mention, your employer may have tuition reimbursement to help with paying for school. I'm actually looking for a new job with better tuition benefits.

    I wouldn't postpone admission because it is getting really competitive out here for NP programs. I would hate for you to postpone admission only to be denied next year. A friend of my best friend withdrew due to family issues with the school's blessing only to be denied reentry for the fall.

    As far as being far removed from science classes, I'm approaching 8-10yrs out for all of my science classes. It makes me nervous but I've made a point of reading my critical care journals and I've signed up for Medscape. They send articles via email and they have a nice mobile phone app.

    Good luck!!