Class 170 Frontier University MSN

  1. Hello!

    I recently applied to Frontiers MSN + DNP Companion PMHNP Track for the 170 class. I don't have high hopes of getting in because my GPA isn't the best, and I don't have any mental health experience. My references are good and I really worked on my essays.

    Has anyone else applied for class 170 for the spring 2018 MSN start?
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  3. by   Nurse Kyles
    I am applying to Frontier for FNP for the spring cohort. I am very nervous as well. I think we should both try to be as optimistic as we can though!! Good Luck!!
  4. by   Smars51
    You're right! I am optimistic! I know that it's possible and I'm very excited to hear something!
  5. by   rn731j
    Good luck! When do you expect to hear from them? I'm going to be obsessively checking my emails for the next few months, lol! I applied to class 170 for CNM. I also don't have any background in that area. So I'm counting on my strong charge nurse background, references and high GPA. It was a big deal for me to even apply. It's going to be a big change, for sure!
  6. by   LuckyGirlSuze
    I am planning on applying for the Fall 2018 class for FNP. Excited and nervous!
  7. by   kejRN88
    Congrats to all who are looking into FNU! I am looking into it. I have been looking for programs for the last year or so, and I keep coming back to FNU. What made you all decide on this program? I have heard nothing but good things. I'm going to try to get all of my ducks in a row for the summer term of 2018!
  8. by   NurseBDNP
    I applied to the same program and class at Frontier. My GPA is decent and I have 10+ years of psychiatric-mental health experience. I pray we both get in! I check my email constantly.
  9. by   Smars51
    I was put on the waitlist. Hopefully I hear something soon!
  10. by   NurseBDNP
    I got in!!! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait until Frontier Bound in February. I plan to drive to KY from NC.
  11. by   NurseBDNP
    I remember getting waitlisted for Nursing School and I was number 50, but I got in. So, you have an excellent chance of getting into the program. All schools have different deadlines for acceptance and many people apply to multiple schools. So, continue to be optimistic.
  12. by   Pearlsnlace
    I got in for the PMHNP version of class 170. We have different Bound dates though I hope to see threads from others that get it too!
  13. by   WORKIN-RN
    I got in Frontier class 170 post master PMHNP. How are you guys getting from airport to campus ? Uber or driving ? I would love to carpool . Please PM me. Thanks !!!
  14. by   Pacrat331
    I've just been accepted to class 170 for he midwifery program. Frontier bound is Feb 19th. Not the bound I applied for so I'm scrambling to get everything done in time!