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  1. I am a BSN who graduated in 1995. I am looking at BSU FNP program and wondered if anyone has feedback on their program. I have to continue to work and the online option is the only one I can do because of family and work commitments. Thanks
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  3. by   lowrylb
    Hi, I graduated from Ball State in July. If you are wanting a program that you can continue working with Ball State is very good. You can pretty much work the whole time. The only time there would be an issue is my last semester was in the summer and its only one class but I had to do 225 clinical hours in a two month time frame. Working full time would be hard if it happened like this but otherwise its very doable. I was surprised with how easy it was. Mostly just assignments and quizzes after each module and a few tests each class. The tests were open book. They were a little challenging because of the amount they covered, time limit and no review but they were overall easy. The coursework is very different. You completely teach yourself. It would be the easiest classes ever to teach, all they do is put the information on blackboard and grade the papers. Only a couple classes and not all semester had powerpoint presentations to watch. Otherwise they just gave you the chapters to read. This was really the only part I didn't like about the program. Its hard to know what you need to know and whats the most important to know when all you have to guide you is chapters in a book. I read the most the chapters. I wish I would have paid for a review course (Fitzgerald or APEA) and bought their Cd's and review book and studied that after each section. I think it would have helped me to figure out what would be the most important to know since its impossible to know it all and at first I was literally trying to read, understand and remember everything...impossible. Overall for an easy online program I would recommend. We didn't get any elective clinicals had to do them all in family, womens and peds. Some programs allow for electives along with those other. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I don't mind at all.
  4. by   ksteen
    Thanks for the great info. I am slightly intimidated with returning to school after having graduated quite a few years ago. The sciences, especially...I have thought about this off and on for 2 years and known so many co-workers who were in an MSN program and have had a lot of encouragement from a lot of people. It is just that first step that is tough. I will have to get student loans, which I am fine with but I know that graduate loans are different than undergrad. Any experience with those? Also, how did you find the BSU science course to be? Were they really tough? Thanks for the reply
  5. by   lowrylb
    Sorry, I am not familiar with the loans. I think I averaged about $2500 a semester some cheaper and only a couple were more. I spent about $200 on books a semester and thats about all. So if you are able to work and have any extra money some of this could be paid for each semester. I was mainly talking about the science classes. They were actually very easy, I was surprised. Like I said the hardest part was just not knowing what to study because it was so much material and they didn't narrow it down any. The best class was my women's, we had notes so it made studying much easier.
  6. by   ksteen
    Thanks for the great info...I so appreciate your feedback.
  7. by   bmolter
    I'm also thinking about doing an FNP online program through here. I will be working Monday through Friday 8-5. Do you know of anyone in the past who has been able to get clinical hours in on weekends only? This is my only issue...
  8. by   lowrylb
    I would doubt it. I had a m-f 8-5 job and ended up leaving it for a 7-7 job so I would have more time. If your work could work around it or you could go part time some i think it would work. You do clinicals in family, womens and peds. Hard to find any offices open on weekends to do this. You have the whole semester to do clinicals so you could do a day or two a week and get a lot done. Some are 120 hours a semester and that would be much harder.
  9. by   NPinWCH
    I agree with lowerylb, I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to get your clinical hours in working m-f. I worked 12 hr nights Fri, Sat and Sun so I could do clinicals and course work during the week.

    I know lowerylb said that tests were open book, but most of mine were timed and there would have been no way to look up answers in the 30-60 min we had for the quizzes or tests. I mean, you might have had a chance to look up a few, but unless you knew exactly where to look I doubt it was possible to look up a big number of them. I think it may have depended on which class you were in, but idk.

    I graduated BSU Dec 2010. If you are self motivated it's a good education. If you lack discipline it won't be easy.
  10. by   MC1906
    I'm currently in the BSU online FNP program and just about to finish my first year. I find the program to be very doable while working. One of the things that could be challenging is setting up your own clinicals and having all the right paperwork filled out on time. So far so good. As mentioned above, it may be challenging the last semester to squeeze in all those clinical hours and work.

    I'd still appreciate any feedback/suggestions regarding the program.....It's always good to run into Alumni from a school. Especially being online, when people who attend the program are from all over.

  11. by   gettingbsn2msn
    BSU is a very good school. I got my first degree there in the 1980's (good ole Muncie, IN). Almost went to their ABSN program. Was accepted but declined for a less expensive option. Currently in a ANP program that costs about 3500 a semester. FAFSA said I could have 20k in their grad plus program. I declined as I do not need that much with my value priced education. Overall, if I was not in this program, I would have attended BSU.
  12. by   Coollittleme
    I'm about to graduate Ball State FNP program and I agree with NPinWCH that if you are disciplined it can be very doable. Although the tests are online they are timed and unless you studied there is just no time to look things up. I am enjoying the program and I would do it again. I just wish there wasn't such a large amount of reading do and to remember without any specific guidance as to what is or isn't important, but overall I'm happy with it.
  13. by   Noimanurse
    Thanks to all you have posted. I to am looking to go back to school for FNP, I live in Illinois, and I am seriously looking at Ball State. It seems that many of the FNP programs in Illinois are either not online, private schools ($$$), or require a BSN before entry. I have a BA in another field along with a RN ADN. Any further information would be greatly appreciated!
  14. by   colsie
    Gettingbsntomsn. Do you mind posting where you chose to go and if you like it