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I am a senior nursing student and I will be graduating in January 2015 with my BSN. On April 2014 I got a DUI with a blood alcohol level of 0.08. I got great news in September when my attorney told me that my case got dismissed by the D.A. But this month when I was filling out my application for the nclex and did my fingerprints at school I was told by my school that I have to disclose my DUI to the BRN. I am very scared that my application is going to get denied because of the DUI even though it got dismissed by the court. Has anyone gone through something like this? Please help! What should I do? What should I include in my letter to the BRN?

p.s. I have been an LVN for 7 years and have no criminal history.


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You might benefit from talking to a Lawyer about this. It's probably going to hinge on whether you were ever actually convicted of an alcohol-related offense. This might include a conviction for a lesser charge in exchange for dismissing the DUI. The BRN may be interested only in convictions or they may also have an interest charges filed... even if subsequently dismissed. This is an area where you're going to have to tread very carefully so... it's lawyer time and in particular, one that's familiar with administrative law and DUI.

Oh, while I'm sure it goes without saying - STOP DRINKING AND GETTING BEHIND THE WHEEL. Eventually you get caught and it can make your life most unfun for several years.

Something else that you need to consider - make sure you get disposition records from the court for this because it's going to be an issue that will follow you simply because you now have an arrest record that may or may not have a dispo for that DUI arrest. If it doesn't, that's what's going to cause you trouble later.

Get a lawyer to help you sort this stuff out.


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The key here is to read the application for licensure. Does it ask if you have ever been arrested or does it ask if you have been convicted?

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I k now someone who got their license with a DUI, but they had to jump through some hoops and have letters from instructors and supervisors.

Tread very carefully on this because if you don't disclose it and they see it you could be f***ed and never get your RN.

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Go get your fingerprints done at the police station if it comes up tell if not then your clear now if they ask if you've been arrested that's something different. Because you technically weren't convicted. You can also check with the DA's office just tell them what's going on. The other thing is was it dismissed or they haven't picked it up because they have a year from the date to file charges. Read the application and don't lie if it asks for arrests tell honesty is the way to go