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Student Nurse Associations


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Does anyone know of a Student Nurse Association? I think an Association would be a wonderful thing to join if a person could find the proper one.

I contacted the NSNA and was told LPN's aren't allowed to join. It kind of offended me because I am not an RN student, I wasn't allowed.

For that, I'll go elsewhere. Does anyone know of any?

Thanks for any info...



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I might not be much help, but I know that student LPN's do have their own association. I was in it when I was in LPN school, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name...

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Hi I found a website for you for LPN and LPN students it is at nflpn.org click on the link below and it will take you right to it.

It is sad that the NSNA does not allow LPN's but the nursing organizations are trying really hard to phase out LPN's. That is not such a smart idea. LPN's may not have much responsibility as far as what they can compared to a R.N. but in many places they sure can do a whole lot more than a nursing assistant can and that can help a great deal when things are really busy. Before I applied to the BSN program I am in now I have seriously considered becoming a LPN my cousin-in -law she told me do not waste my time and so did my academis advisor at the community college I graduated from. I know of a few hospitals in my area that do not even have LPN's in the inpatient setting anymore only the outpatient so it is getting harder and harder to find a LPN position in the hospital setting. More hospitals are starting to do the same and Long term care places and skilled nursing units along with doctors offices is where you will find most of the LPNs in my area anyway.

Here is the site. Good luck in school.

national federation for LPN's and LPN students website :)

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