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Hi! Im a 1st year student in a 2yr RN program and my dream job is to work in a plastic/cosmetic surgeons office, 2nd choice a dermatologists office.

How feesable is it to get this kind of office job when I graduate? (also consider the fact that I am currently a state licensed Esthetician)

Do you recommend I do anything in the meantime (while Im in school) to be more employable?, ex..certs

I am wanting to get a job during the summer....what kind of job would look good on my resume w/this goal in mind? I wont have my RN yet during summer but Ill be CNA certified.

What is the starting salary for an RN in a plastic surgeons office? Dermatologists office?

What are the hours like?



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Sorry hon. I worked in Plastics for many years but I'm English and the definition is different in the UK. My ward didn't do aesthetic surgery but reconstructive and functional procedures only.

I can't offer any advice but I loved working in plastics.

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Lots of cosmetic surgery places have a surgical suite on site, and do ambulatory surgery. Those places would probably have M-F, 6a-4pmish hours for the RN.

The RN would have to be very good at IV starts (because she may be the only person there who is able to start an IV), and probably be ACLS certified, as well as certified in conscious sedation. It would also be very helpful to be knowledgeable and trained in OR techniques (sterile technique, circulating, etc).

I'm guessing that most places like that would probably want to hire an RN with experience, rather than a new grad.

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