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Student - Dizziness in the OR

Madgie Madgie (New) New

Hi -Has this happened to anyone?

I am currently a Surg Tech (heading to nursing school next year - BSN and hopefully CNOR later). I started my clinical this week at local hospital - first time OR for me.

Both mornings, about an hour into the procedure I became very dizzy - I had about a two- minute warning before I needed to step away from the field or else hit the floor. Its weird, I seem to be working along with my preceptor just fine, and then wham, this dizziness hits me. I am mortified. I don't want to be perceived as "can't handle the OR."

I did not have any dizziness on either day in the afternoon. I was able to start and finish with no lightheadedness.

I did take a proactive step and check with my doctor - she said eat more protein as close to the procedure as I can. Drink more water and less coffee.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks :imbar

Marie_LPN, RN, LPN, RN

Specializes in 5 yrs OR, ASU Pre-Op 2 yr. ER.

If you have a basin of saline or water on your table, put a hand in it. That helps me.

Before a case, eat something with peanut butter on it. Instant protein. Drink plenty of water.

Try to avoid locking your knees while standing in the OR. It could be that decreased blood flow is causing your dizziness.

TracyB,RN, RN

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Ditto the protein & not locking your knees!!!!


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I usually have to go one further than not locking my knees and make sure I remember to move my calf muscles. I go up and down on my tiptoes, pick up one foot, then another.....otherwise, that standing still cuts down too much on the venous return and down I go!

akcarmean, LPN

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All my suggestions were mentioned just wanted to say Good luck and keep trying.

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