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I am currently a pre-nursing student at my local CC in New Orleans. So far, I have been denied about 4/5 times from BSN programs in my state. I have tried reaching out to some nurses that I know about some advice on how to get in and how to better prepare myself for the day I'm finally accepted but none have been too helpful. I know that entry into nursing school takes more trying for some than others. I really just need some advice on how to better my chances to be accepted and how to better prepare myself for what I'm about to get into. I have taken every pre-requisite that the school requires. At this point, I take classes to better my grades.

p.s. I have a two-year-old son and I am 22 years old and work part time at 2 jobs.

Have you ever reached out to those BSN programs that you applied to? If you can, I would definitely recommend it. Many programs are happy to give feedback on applications and would probably be willing to talk to you about your strengths, weaknesses, and how to become a stronger applicant in the future.

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What is your GPA? TEAS/ HESI score? What is the typical accepted student getting on those two metrics?

You need more data so you can target your interventions instead of just hand-wringing. Don't just talk to 'nurses you know' talk to the actual schools. They are the only ones who know why you have not made the cut.

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Meet with an adviser of the programs you are trying to get into. Have them look over everything & give you feedback. They are probably the only ones who can tell you what you'll need to do to improve your chances of acceptance.

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