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Hi all. I'm in my first semester of NS and have been struggling with it big time! My anxiety and ADD have decided to flair up with a vengeance since I started the program. I am on Wellbutrin for my depression but it has not done anything for my focus, and it has probably added to my anxiety. Others in my program who struggle with the same thing take Adderall and/or Zanex and it seems to be working for them as they are passing their classes. Does anyone have any experience dealing with this as a sober person being nervous about taking stimulants and benzodiazepines?? I'm desperately seeking a way to manage my anxiety and ADD that won't put me at risk for relapse. Thanks.


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Self care. When I experience high stress (which has been a LOT since this adventure began) I just have to pause and take better care of myself. That means sleeping on a tight schedule, exercising, eating well, and taking the time to play (rock climb, go to the movies, hang out with friends). It sounds simple, but routine and taking only each day as it comes reduces my stress while staying sober.

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Avoid the benzodiazapines. They are designed for short term use only, highly addictive and can mimic the symptoms of anxiety if used long term

Self care is essential. By that I mean, ensuring adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise. Find something outside of nursing that you enjoy doing. Me I'm a craft nut and love all things crafty, and am an avid reader..Because nursing is that sort of job that is very easy to take home with us