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Stressing out over the NCLEX RN



I have posted on here before. I have taken the NCLEX RN twice 1st time only 75 questions and next time 265. After being upset about it I have just been studying my tush off between working full time as a PCT. I am now at this point where I feel like I work more than I study and I hate it. I was getting ready to put in my two weeks so that I could focus on studying, but now I have health problems that I need to get taken care off. I have already scheduled my NCLEX for Jan 8th and am now considering rescheduling due to surgery. The date is not yet set but the dr is thinking mid January. My last date to test is on Feburary 10th!! Im just really confused of what I should do. I just dont know. Im already stressed out enough, as if this surgery is what I needed to deal with.:crying2: Help I need some advice from people that I know how stressfull it is to deal with preparing for the NCLEX. Im about to go crazy.....

Im sorry to hear that you're having a tough time right now. I am planning to take the nclex again for the third time in Mid January. Just like you, I work full time as PCT, I study everyday, There are times Im so tired because of my pregnancy (6 months now) but passing the NCLEX is my number one priority so don't give up. Nothing easy worth doing. As for your surgery, you didn't mention how long you need to rest after the procedure, I think it's better if you postponed the test until you are well. I wish you the best of luck. Take care. :redpinkhe

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