Stressed out and I need a new job


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I have been employed at my facility for >20 years , coming up on 25. I am nearing the end of my rope. I worked in another dept while going to nursing school for over 18 years and have been an RN for 5 and 1/2 years. I spent 4and1/2 in Med-Surg and now the last nearly 1 year in CM. CM is just not a real good fit for me, I do not enjoy it and I feel extremely stressed 90% of the time and I want out! But, there are so few jobs available...

My dilemma is , do I stick it out, or do I try for employment elsewhere a sa staff nurse? Believe it or not, I really miss bedside nursing, and I like Med-surg. I also do not feel that I am the favorite iof my managers, they demand alot of us and alot is demanded of them. I think there is more to health care than dollars and cents and this push to discharge, discharge, discharge has gotten to me. I just want to take care of my patients, keep them safe, and go home. I don't want to have to explain why the person in 504 is still here after x number of days anymore.

Thanks for letting me vent :confused:

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Keep the job you have and look for a new one. No job is worth the stress you are under. You sound like you are really a bedside nurse at heart and you will be unhappy in a office job.

I would not quit my job unless you have something else lined up. This job market stinks. It took me nearly 1.5 years to find a PRN position that was not in a crap hole facility.


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At one institution for so long, I assume you are in a good position of benefits: retirement, vacation days, sick time, etc. In that case, totally changing institutions may not be wisest - but look for another position within that system. There is nothing wrong in changing to something that is a better fit for you. Your managers should recognize that, and there is probably someone else just drooling at the thought of your desk job.

If you want to totally leave that employer, I'd have the next job lined up first.

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I have been at my facility for 10 yrs. It has helped that I have been able to move around. Staff nurse on Med Surg then transferred to Tele, then was offered a full time Tele charge nurse position and added a supplemental Unit Educator job to my duties (20 hrs/mth). I recently moved to ICU as a plain ol' staff nurse and I love it (so far). Not sure where I will go if i get bored with this position.

I have thought about moving on. The running joke is that I came with the light fixtures:rolleyes: I am sure you are a great resource person for the hospital and they would be sad to see you go. There are some bene's to sticking it out- pay increases, vacation, familiarity with docs, nurses and other ancillary folks. On the other hand, sometimes it stinks because you feel stagnant, crave a new challenge or just get tired of the same old cranky people!

I would try as others have suggested to apply for other positions within the hospital. Speak up and let everyone know you are looking for a change. You are a loyal employee and seems to me that other dept's would be happy to have you. At the very least, spruce up your resume and apply for other positions in the area. Hopefully, you are in an area where the job market is good. Go on an interview and feel out the competition. See what they have to offer. It can't hurt, right?


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You have so much time invested in your current institution, I would look for a job internally. Be honest and say you miss bedside nursing. No one should hold that against you.

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You need to stay at your current facility. You can look for a part time position to see if you like something different. If you have only worked at one facility, sometimes it will make your resume look stagnant. On your resume, include every position you have done at the current facility.

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Thanks for all of the helpful posts. I do have feelers out with the recruiters within my facility. They now me well and have been instrumental in my career moves from my previous dept thru nursing school and my med -surg positions to my Case Management job I hold now. I certainly want to stay within this health system but one can only handle so much stress and there are very few options available in-house. I have my resume on line, on Monster and there are other facilities in my area that I am looking in to. But, to jump ship, it will have to be the right fit of course. I gave CM a try but just find it is not for me, I am a bedside nurse at heart and do really enjoy that. I guess I am old school in that respect, everyone seems to want to get their med-surg experience and move into management, CM, whatever, not me, I enjoyed my patients and was very respected as a bedside nurse.