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So as a new nurse in a pediatric office, I have seen a lot of cases strep throat in the past few months in the position. At the office I work in, we do not tend to wear masks when doing throat cultures. I'm curious if this is a common practice among other pediatric offices? Thanks in advance for the input!


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I work urgent care, I wear a mask during flu season especially with kids & adults that are coughing. I tell the MAs to wear a mask when swabbing a throat.

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Work in a peds ED, we try to wear a mask with every pt.

definitely with throat cultures, you never know how that kid is going to react with the swab, gag and cough in your face and then your exposed.

In my area there have been a bunch of pertussis cases this respiratory season, so a mask with every pt encounter to be safe

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I am with the other posters. I use to do ED nursing and wore a mask while caring for any patient who presented with sore throat, coughing, nausea/vomiting, or fever!

I was working in triage once and while taking vital signs a patient who had the stomach virus coughed right in my face, of course I was vomiting two days later. Lets just say I learned my lesson!!



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Honestly, I don't wear one when I strep, flu or RSV. This led to me getting the flu last year, but we've yet to have a flu outbreak this year. I have yet to knowingly be infected with strep. throat. throughout my entire life. As a result of these situations, I usually just get the flu, be sick for 2-3 days, have to call-in, feel better, and then I come back for the rest of the season. Of course, if the flu vaccine is really good then I have a lot less to worry about. Mostly, I have cold symptoms about 1 week a month, but I can deal with a cold. In my experience, the patient is very intimidated by the appearance of the mask. I suppose you could only wear the mask when you are swabbing, but that seems like a rather clunky method of dealing with things.

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