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Strep - Call in or go anyways?

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by TX_nurse_08 TX_nurse_08 (New Member) New Member

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You are reading page 3 of Strep - Call in or go anyways?. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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I called the unit and they said they didn't think I could call in since I don't have any PTO, but I called the house supervisor and she said I just wouldn't get paid. Neither of them acted like it was a big deal, am I over-reacting by calling in? I really think I've got strep and I don't think wearing a mask all day will cut it in NICU. I was planning to go to urgent care (if any are open on Memorial Day) in the AM and get some abx. I couldn't take my fiance's even if I wanted to, I'm allergic to PCN.

Anybody have any thoughts on what I should do?

It sounds like you already spoke to the top two resources for your situation. None of us work at your hospital and know your position as well as your supervisors. What answer, exactly, are you still looking for?

Personally, if you have the money, just bite the bullet and follow through at the ER. That way, you know for sure whether or not you have strep. If you go to work now, not only might you expose the babies to a potentially deadly infection, but the entire shift you will be thinking about your health instead of theirs. (Is my mask on, did I use enough sanitizer, what if i sneeze).

You are stressing too hard on making a decision and sticking with it. Try to relax and use your critical thinking skills. Actually, you already did. You know you are at high-risk for strep right now and you don't want to expose the babies. You already called your supervisor. Now, you need to believe in yourself and your decision. It's good practice to check and double-check, but don't get so busy second-guessing that you can't follow through!

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I hope you stayed home.

I find the fact that you even entertained the idea of taking your boyfriend's antibiotics a tad disturbing. If you weren't allergic to PCN would you have taken them? You both need to finish a COMPLETE course of antibiotics for strep. You should know better than that.

That being said, I hope you and your boyfriend are feeling better.

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Where did you get your MD, Anthony?

Have you ever worked in a NICU? Have you ever even seen a 24 week preemie? Do you understand the concept of immunosupression in a newborn?

If she has strep, and is prodromal working and exposing those kids is a bad idea.

She is not whinning and trying to get out of work, in fact it sounds like she feels badly, so calling her a "little girl" is really innapropriate....

So, bayoak...please, unless you feel totally fine, no sore throat...no fatigue..stay home

forner NICU RN, diva

Where did i get my MD??? I didn't know i was a MD. I thought i was a LPNWA. ( Licensed Practical Nurse With Attitude) And yes i have seen preemies And Yes i understand that concept maybe a little better then you. That's why they make face mask's gowns and gloves or did you forget that part. And really she knows the drill It's a holiday. I don't know where you work but where i worked Holidays are a NO NO. Just like Snow Day's You best be in the ER Hooked up to monitors and dying.

I have gone to work with Strep, Colds, Flu's, Allergy's, I have been exposed to TB, MRSA, Cdiff, Sar's There's a list. And i do know what exposing someone does. My wife has Heart problems 30 heart Caths, 3 Open Heart Surgery's with valve replacement and 1 Heart Ablation, And we still have more to go and she's only in her 40's. And as far as calling The OP a little girl lighten up really i was kidding. Or I hope she knows i was kidding.

RN's you think because you get licensed you know everything. Look at me I went to school for 4 yrs I'm cool. Well guess what your not i can circle's around most RN's and that's a fact

This LPN read's medical journals for a hobby and you call yourself a RN Diva really????? Kinda calling the kettle black don't you think. And i never said she was whining or trying to get out of work.

I'm sure she's a very smart person who knows her body and knows if she is good to go or not. And may i just add the Inappropriate. Look were not on the floor your not my charge and really i was telling her what you would tell someone.

Or are you the type who Tell's people to stay home then complains because of the amount of work they left you for being sick.... Think About It... I like The RN Diva Part..... Anthony

PS.... Untreated streptococcal pharyngitis usually resolves within a few days Treatment with antibiotics shortens the duration of the acute illness by about 16 hours. The primary reason for treatment with antibiotics is to reduce the risk of complications.

The symptoms of strep throat usually improve irrespective of treatment within three to five days... So you want the OP to take 3-5 days off correct???

Treatment with antibiotics reduces the risk of complications and transmission; children may return to school 24 hours after antibiotics are administered. So if kids can go back with in 24 hrs then Hmm i stand corrected.. Like i said before... Have a Great day at work OP... Get Well Soon.... Anthony


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For the OP, just FYI...a lot of docs will simply prescribe over the phone if there is already a known case in the house. Both my kids' ped and my PCP will call in a script for anyone exhibiting strep symptoms if there has already been a diagnosis of strep in the household within the last 7-10 days. The phone call saves time and money.

If they don't do that...call and ask to come in for a swab. No appointment, just the swab. If it's positive, they'll call in abx. Once again, you typically only get charged either a nurse visit fee or a lab fee, and you don't have to wait for hours and hours to be fit in the schedule. The end result is you get the abx if you need them, it's faster, and cheaper.

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Absolutely stay home and get better.

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Just a reminder to refrain from personal attacks when posting,

and to follow the Terms of Service for posting guidelines.

Thank you.

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