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Strangest experience as a CNA


We have the favorite experience thread going, I'm looking forward to reading more of those. But it's been a pretty wierd week and I don't think my story quite fits in there. So tell us your wierd ones!

Mine is this... I work night shift, largely on the LTC floor. So I don't often see everyone up, with hair done and teeth in. A PRN nurse asked me who someone was and I couldn't tell her. Had to think about it a bit before I figured out who that little white haired lady in the wheelchair was.

But thinking abou that later on (and this is the wierd part), it occurred to me that while it may take a bit to recognize someone up and all but I could probably tell you with a whole LOT of accuracy who was who by recognizing crotches :eek:

Probably 90% of what I do on my shift is brief changes, mostly on people who don't/can't talk and are very drowsy. Last night was all about poop and I went home really reconsidering my choice of life at this point. But the other aides I've told that to totally get the funny, normal people, not so much ;)

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Ha, I remember it was my second day on the job and I had to follow my trainer around. There was this cute old lady with glasses and a nice outfit and her hair done, and even though I was meeting a lot of new residents (I was on a different floor than the day before), she stuck out to me because I had to fill out an incident report on her (another resident ran over her foot or something). She seemed so nice and pleasant too.

Later on after she'd gone to bed I saw her, laying there in a johnny with messy hair, no glasses, and in a foul mood. I was really confused for a minute- my brain couldn't reconcile the person in front of me with the person I'd seen earlier.

I'm a brand new CNA and have only worked two shifts. However, I've already caught two residents making out. LOL

Also, I went with another new CNA to help her change an elderly man's Depends. When she started to help him get his pants off to change him, she got down on her knees in front of him and started unbuckling his pants, and slide them down. Well...we all know what this triggered for the resident! :eek: It was all I could do to keep my composure til we left the room so I could explain to her why he kept trying to grope her. She is apparently VERY naive in the ways of the world. LOL!!!


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Lol these are good! I don't have anything really strange that I know of. Well maybe the fact we found a cat in our Dementia unit and it took forever to catch the thing and get it out.


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I was sitting with a Pt one night and she was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! She had ripped the glasses off someone elses face earlier in the day and broke them in half and started to eat them (no lie its a medcial condition where they eat everything) and then she started throwing things into the hallway. God was I thankful to get out of there in the AM.

I had a good laugh about the crotches! For a few of us in our facility, we've noticed that when we do "spray outs" you can tell which bm belongs to which patient by the look and smell. It's disgusting, but true! I was able to tell the difference within my first week of working there!