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Stories from Recent return from being deployed


Good evening allnurses family. I would like to get the thoughts and opinions of those nurses that the been deployed within the last year. Please tell us what your experiences were like. The reason for my inquiry is because I have recently been told of a nurse you has returned from Iraq and suffers from PTSD. I do understand that that is a possibility. But just wanted to hear about feelings concerning the tour.. the length of time? Basically, any "heads up" information that you could provide to an incoming officer. Thanks

I deployed to Afghanistan as a civilian contractor and not a military officer; however, I experienced several "traumatic" situations such as VBIED's, casualties of conflict, and saw the effects of war and brutality up close.

However, I lived in Afghanistan proper (not on a base) and was out and about on the streets quite frequently. Therefore, I cannot reliably comment about life on base or in a military hospital. However, I could share my thoughts for what they are worth.


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not really sure what your asking? an anc officer that is profis will deploy for 6 months but if you're organic to the unit you go for the year. enlisted go for the year. people all experience things differently so yes a new nurse of say 1 year (which is the norm for deploying nurses) who has never really seen trauma up close and personal might not deal the same way as some nurse who has deployed before. you can try and get as much information as you can, train up all you can, but no one really knows how they will deal with the real thing until they are in it. sorry i just worked all night so maybe i should come back and read this when ive had some sleep.

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