Stony Brook University NP Summer 2023

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Stony Brook University NP Summer 2023

I wanted to start this forum for future applicants to discuss future school plans. I applied for the FNP that starts Summer 2023, just awaiting to see how the process goes.

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Hey did you apply to adult or family? I applied last year to adult, unfortunately did not get in. I did interview for it though. I will be finishing up my application this week to adult.

I applied to family! 
You got this. What’s meant to be will happen! 

Do you think your interview went poorly?

Good luck! 

Do you know when we get to hear from them to interview? 

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Thank you. I actually thought my interview went well. It was a group interview and felt my answers were strong compared to the others. 

I don't know if it is different for family since they have more people that apply to it. However I heard back one week after the deadline to set up the interview. Good luck, let us know of any updates.

Hi I also applied for the FNP program , extremely nervous about the whole process . Are there any other schools that you would recommend applying to ? 

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Yes theres plenty of good programs, all with their positives and negatives. SBU seems to be one of the more hybrid ones that lean on online more. Which is the main selling point for myself. I have friends in the St Joes in patchogue program its only FNP but finishes in 2.5 years. The main drawback is its in person only. I've also heard good things about hunter and pace in the city. Good luck keep us updated.  

Definitely looking for a heavily online based program and hunter does not have an FNP program just adult . Will keep posted on updates with my application 

Utica has all online FNP

I got into St Joes. But looking to get into Stonybrook. St joes is all in person. 

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Yea I forgot about utica. I was looking at it last year but it’s a newish program. And still had not been accredited when I was researching it.
St Joes does rolling admissions my friend got in two weeks before its started two years ago. He says he likes it and fits his schedule.

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Hi Deedot have you heard anything for the FNP program? 

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Hey all heard back already for Primary ANP very surprising it was so quick. Setting up a time slot once I get my work schedule. Good luck and keep us updated.

Wow! Awesome.  They set you up for a interview  yet?



Are people hearing back from FNP yet ? 


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