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Stony Brook Nursing Basic BSN Fall 2015 applicants


Hello guys~ I m going to apply Stony brook nursing for 2015 Fall.

Is there anyone also applying?

I want to share information ^^

Hi Hyerim!!! My name is Agnes, and I'm applying to Fall 2015 Stony Brook Basic BSN program. Hopefully, more people will join this thread soon. :yes: :yes:

Nice to meet you Agnes!

Did you finish your prereqs?? :)

Hey guys!

I'm applying to the accelerated AND the basic BSN programs. I just want to shoot for whichever I can get. I finish up the last of my prerequisites this Fall.

Hyerim, I'm almost done with my prereqs. Sociology is the last class that I'm missing nd I'm taking it this fall.

Hi JSBU, it's a pleasure to meet you. Have you started working on your essay?


I'm currently in the BBP program. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Whats up guys. I'm in the 2 year program, feel free to ask any questions.

How are the times for the classes? I work 5am-11am at North Shore University Hospital and I'm wondering are the classes and clinicals flexible or is everything during the morning?

Classes aren't flexible. Everyone takes the same classes at the same time. They are typically from 9-5 and clinicals are from 7am to 7pm. If you can't make it, you can't be in the program

It really depends on the semester. This semester clinicals are Monday 7-3. Some have clinicals on Saturday. If your job is flexible, it might work for you.

As people said above the classes are pretty much 4 days (including clinicals) typically from 9am to 5pm. Note: you do have a break in between, i dont want to sound like you have classes for 8 hours straight. Also, some classes like role development end early and do not run through the entire semester.

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Hi do you guys know what kind of classes Stony Brook will accept for their "Global Issues" requirement?

I'm applying for fall 2015 too! I spoke in depth with ********* about the global issue req and she said it's any course where you learn about a different culture. I'm taking Western Civ to fill that requirement now.

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all doing well! :) Im applying to SBU basic bsn program as well for fall 2015.

I have a BA in Communications/Marketing but unfortunately I was one science short from applying to the accelerated program. That's okay though, everything happens for a reason right?

So I have a question: My first degree gpa was a 3.23 ... And now it is a 3.9. I heard they want a cumulative of 3.6 or higher. Do you guys think the 3.23 will pull me down a lot? I'm so nervous. SBU is my number 1 choice.. I really hope and pray that I can get in.

hey everyone. i was wondering if everyone here are current SB students? Anyone trying to transfer? I'm considering applying.

hey everyone. i was wondering if everyone here are current SB students? Anyone trying to transfer? I'm considering applying.

I am trying to transfer currently.

I've decided against it. Seems like a really stressful process and it is an hour commute for me.