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Thank-you to all those who have given me their prayers and encouragement. I find out tomorrow about the results, I went to work today, and made a difference in the lives of my patients. I work on a busy med-surg floor, and one of the highlights was putting some laughs into the life of a patient who recently found out some devastting news. My life will go on whether I pass or fail. If I do not pass, well I figure I know what to expect and I will do better. Thanks for all your suppport. The Lord works in His own ways. We just have to listen carefully sometimes. Jewel

P.S.-- Good Luck to all of you taking and awaiting your results.


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I like your attitude! Keep it up!!! Good luck and I'm sure you passed that darn test!


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We are still hoping for you! Today is the day!!


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I took the exam too on 7/18 here in Cali, i feel the same way, with that kind of attitude you deserve to pass, wish you all the best and for us! we will pass!

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I am sure you did great, congratulations on your day at work and keep up the positive attitude. :)

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