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still waiting for nclex results

sadie sadie (New) New

I took the exam july 11th. Now I am so stressed out about the results. I am having trouble sleeping and eating. Why are we forced to wait so long for the results? We should get results immediately. I know in other states results can be accessed over the phone after 3 days however, I am in Mississippi and that service is not available here. But I was shocked to hear that the nursing boards are charging $7.95 for the call. After paying over $200.00 for a license and testing, I think that is brutal. Test results should be accessable immediately. Can you tell I'm angry? This not knowing is torture. What can I do to relax until those test results arrive? Pass or fail, I need to know.



I'm in the same boat as you. Took the NCLEX on July 7th and still haven't heard anything. Like you, our state doesn't have the option of making the telephone call to get the results. Since the test is computerized, it seems logical that we should be able to tell instantly if we passed or failed. However, as nervous, anxious and uptight as I was taking that test (and I'm a relatively calm person), I can imagine others losing control and going "postal" after discovering that they just failed the test! I like the idea of being able to call within 3 days to find the results. It gives test-takers a chance to calm down and evaluate their performance. Wish California had that option. Let me know when you get your results, and Good Luck..

Do you have your results yet? They must have arrived by now, let us know? Emma

Don't worry Sadie, you'll do fine. Everyone gets nervous over this.

Thankyou for replying. After staking out the mailbox for the last few days, I received the result today. PASS!!!! I was so happy I started crying before I was in the house. It took nine days but it felt like a month. I am relieved and very thankful to God. I really thought I was going to have to do a re-take. But, almost everyone who I spoke with felt the same way and most received a PASS!! Anyway, having this website to relieve some stress really helped. Thanks and good luck to everyone. Please keep posting your notes. They are a great source of encouragement.



CONGRADULATIONS! You survived the wait...isn't it awful?! I still keep looking at my RN license in awe...thinking I'll NEVER have to take that test again. Best wishes. donna....ps..Any news Leslie?

Congratulations. We've all been there. Share your happiness and enthusiasm with all the other nurses you come in contact with. Sometimes we can forget what a miracle getting that license was. I'm so happy for you.

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