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  1. CNA program????

    Where could I look for CNA programs around Clermont and the Lake County area?
  2. Florida RN license permit

    I applied for license by endorsement a couple of months ago and today I got a permit to practice nursing good til 9/04. What does this mean? Are they gonna send me a real license?
  3. where to get acls

    Are there any ACLS classes coming up soon in or around the Joliet area?
  4. Home Care Salary

    I was wondering how much the pay rates are for private duty homecare around Orlando?
  5. cna training in orlando?

    Are there any nursing homes or hospitals that offer on the job CNA training in or near Orlando? If not where are some schools that offer CNA training? Thank you
  6. NEW GRAD RN needs HELP!!

    Im sure you will find a job soon. I am from the Chicago area and I see ads in the papers all the time for nurses, including new grads. In fact at the hospital where I work, we are hiring new nurses all of the time. It doesn't matter if they have neve...
  7. Duragesic dosage?

    Duragesic patch....what would the maximum dosage be for a pt dying of cancer?
  8. I was offered a position that pays $17.00/hr an 8 hour shift seeing 6 patients a day. If you finish early, you have to see another patient. On call every other weekend and 4 weekdays/month. Does this sound like a ripoff to you or am I just misinforme...
  9. Need Your Help

    Demerol, Morphine, Lasix, all antibiotics, digoxin, B/P meds, insulins, Nitro, solumedrol, Inhalers. These are the drugs I use most on my med/surg floor.
  10. New grads first jobs

    I have been a nurse for 3 years. I started out in med/surg because I knew I would get the best experience there. Do you want to work in a hospital? It is possible for you to get a position in another area like OB, ICU, or ER, but it is much easier to...
  11. Back to school problem

    Have you tried reviewing with one of those NCLEX review books for LPN's?
  12. stethoscopes

    I am looking into buying a new stethoscope. I have the littman lightweight, but I have trouble hearing with it. Any suggestions?
  13. still waiting for nclex results

    Don't worry Sadie, you'll do fine. Everyone gets nervous over this.