If a CNA training program's tuition fee states that it includes training books, supplies, CPR certification and the exam fee for CNA certification--does "supplies" include a stethoscope or do I need to purchase one?

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Do you need a stethoscope for your CNA course? You should ask the program coordinator if a stethoscope is included in the cost if you do need one.


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Will I need one when I get my license?

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It just depends on whether you plan on taking manual blood pressures or if your workplace uses automatic blood pressure machines. Also, do they test you on manual blood pressure during the skills test? In Minnesota they don't but I'm not sure where you live and if you would need to bring your own to test with.


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When I took my class a stethoscope was not supplied for each of us but there were enough to go around for the class (wipes for ear pieces were provided).


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Thanks so much for the responses. :up:

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My program did include it, along with a blood pressure cuff, because we did learn manual blood pressure and that is one of the skills tested in my state. The easiest way for you to get an answer to this question is to call your school and ask.


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we use a stethoscope in our class as we don't test on a automatic one. The grants pay for the supplies