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stepping stones school diploma real?

by peytonelaina1 peytonelaina1 (New) New

I want to become a nurse but not sure if my diploma from stepping stones high school is accredited, some schools accept it but financial aid does not does anyone else have this diploma ?

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Suggest you get a GED - I think that it's accepted by most colleges & will make you FAFSA eligible.

there's such a thing as a non-accredited high school...? Isn't every high school under the State Education Department...which awards the diplomas?

I think I'm missing something.

There is such a thing as a non accredited high school. The school has to be licensed by the state.

If financial aid does not accept your diploma it is likely your school was not accredited by an organization recognized in your state. I would contact the program advisor for the nursing school which you plan to apply and see what their recomendation is; however you will most likely need a GED to get financial aid.

Yes, take the GED! This will not only satisfy your need for acceptance to a lot of schools, but this will also help you financially by getting those school grants to help aid your process to college completion. Beware of online high schools, or fake GED programs. You should be able to find a GED testing center at a community college or adult school in your district. Also note, some colleges provide free basic education studying ( at least i found many programs here in CA ) that will aid you in passing the GED.

Also, I've found controversy about the accreditation of that high school if its the one I've found in Google search. They claim to be accredited but I've found the school in the unaccredited list on other sites, and listed as scams. If you paid for it, I'd try and reverse the charges for false advertisement. Their FAQ doesn't even say who they are accredited by.

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Interesting. I was thinking of public schools, not flighty private ones. Good to know.

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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It's not real. They are not accredited. Though they are affiliated with a place that is. Probably a place that will accept it is a non accredited nursing school that will take your money and issue another fake diploma. Get your GED and then talk to not for profit schools.

I took my GED and got it out of the way so there were no issues because I took my last few credits for HS diploma through a mail service program that turned out not to be accredited.