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an interesting question of when does Pt abuse become self defense. If the nurse had clubbed the Pt prior to being stabbed I wonder if the Nurse would be facing abuse charges?


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It is a true shame but just goes to show how little the public is aware of staffing shortages or poor treatment from management. I am more acutely aware of it now that I am working in a "real" ER and leaving when it is quite dark. My only consolation (small one and not guaranteed, I know) is that Security where I now work, patrols the parking lot. Plus I try to park under or next to a light in the lot so that I am always in plain site....again, I know....not a 100% assurance but every little thing helps.

As for the admin at Monti, they should be ashamed that they did not respond sooner to show support to their nurse. They should have been there within the 1/2 hr to ensure that she was being well cared for and that she was okay and that the appropriate legal action was taken.

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