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Stay at Home Dad seeks flexible remote work

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Dear Beth,

I am a part time hospital nurse on a cardiac unit. The rest of my week I am a stay at home father. In this new era of telemedicine and zoom appointments I was wondering if there were triage or admission RN positions with flexible hours that I could perform from home while double dipping as "daddy". Maybe a pay per patient situation, or paid by the hour as long as you're logged into their interface. I could not devote an uninterrupted eight hour day, but I could contribute intermittently between preparing meals, cleaning up, etc. I'm at a loss of what to search for or where to look if such a flexible job even exists. Cheers!

Dear Stay at Home Father,

Not sure where you live 🙂 , but in the States, a good resource for finding remote Nursing Jobs is indeed.com. You are right, there are so many more opportunities nowadays. Large insurance companies in particular offer a wide range of remote jobs for nurses.

Even with remote jobs, though, you'll find some employers want to hire within a certain region, time zone, or metro area.

Also consider that if you are looking for part-time, it narrows the opportunities. It is harder to land a part-time job in a new speciality. Meaning if you already have the requisite skills, it's easier to qualify for part-time. When you are first hired, you likely will have a structured orientation 

Telemedicine is where you'd interact directly with patients, and the jobs posted are often full-time. That may be hard to manage in your situation. If you were talking with a patient and your child needed you, it could be a challenge.

Utilization management and clinical case management nurses coordinate benefits with medical services, and might be an option because you may be able to schedule your phone calls around your child. Nurse Reviewers are responsible for pre-authorization and out of network services.

Another thing you can do is look within your own hospital. Some jobs may converted to remote over the last year, such as Documentation Specialist.

So to get started, register on indeed.com and set your filters for remote. Look within your own facility for opportunities.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth



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Do be aware, with remote jobs, you are expected to have kiddos cared for not by you, you would not be able to double dip. Just like working a regular gig at the hospital