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Statistics help!!

by lilacstar81 lilacstar81 (New) New

Is anyone good at statistics? I need help with a problem that's due tonight!! I know all my fellow nurses are smart!!!

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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There are a few things we request when someone asks for homework help:

Show us the work you've done so far and where you are stuck. That helps us help you and shows that you're doing the work yourself and may just need clarification or correction. It also helps if you tell us what type of question you need help with- statistics is a broad topic.

AnnieOaklyRN, BSN, RN, EMT-P

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I just finishes stats a couple months ago (summer semester), and it sucked! That being said I used youtube A LOT to clarify concepts, if I were you I would try that. Just type in whatever the concept is and you will get OODLES of videos! Good luck!


Depending on the type of question, I may be able to help! I had a great professor, and actually understood most of the topics. I usually hate math, but I kind of enjoyed statistics. To me, it's makes way more sense than other maths.

joanna73, BSN, RN

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I am also taking stats. I find U tube is very helpful. What concepts are you working on?

The only statistics I can help with are the statistics associated with help asked for and help received.

They aren't very favorable with a low quality "help asked."