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States Loosening Restrictions: Find your State


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After weeks of shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, the nation has begun to slowly open up.

Beaches and state parks are reopening to visitors, spurring concerns about overcrowding. The first barbers have returned to work, masks over their faces. Some restaurants are getting ready to serve customers again.

By Friday, more than a dozen states will have begun to reopen their economies and public life, even though ...

Read in its entirety: See Which States Are Reopening and Which Are Still Shut Down

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I hope the public continues to behave responsibly and don't forget about the continuing importance of social distancing.

California beaches in Orange County were closed after the public totally disregarding the social distancing rules.


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My city is mostly still in Stage 1. Our governor just said, "We are days, not weeks away before we eliminate more restrictions." https://www.wral.com/california-governor-says-hes-days-away-from-lifting-some-stay-at-home-restrictions/19080848/

There are now discussions on how and when to safely reopen schools: https://www.wral.com/questions-surround-governors-proposal-to-open-schools-early/19077644/

At least one golf course is open with requirements for golfers and employees to wear a mask and keep the six foot distance, and one person to each cart. Another soon to open course is discussing have all golfers walk the course to start.


4-part plan to reopen California from coronavirus shutdown

Stage 1: Safety and preparedness

  • The state will build up testing, tracing, PPE and hospital capacity
  • Prioritize safety for workers and customers in essential workplaces
  • Prepare safety guidelines for expanded workforce, broken down by industries

Stage 2: Lower-risk workplaces

  • Gradually open some lower-risk businesses and workplaces, adapted for social distancing
  • Curbside pickup for retail businesses
  • Reopen manufacturing businesses
  • Office workers may return if telework is not possible
  • Increase access to public space.

Stage 3: Higher-risk workplaces

  • Use restrictions on gathering sizes and other limits to reopen higher-risk workplaces
  • Salons and gyms reopen with restrictions
  • Sports (without live audiences) and movie theaters
  • Religious services return to in-person settings

Stage 4: End of stay-at-home order

  • The highest-risk environments will be reopened once appropriate treatments are developed
  • Live sporting events with fans
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Conventions



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My state is infected disproportionately for it's population density and was not slowing down anywhere near what I would have liked. But they're reopening much including group activities, churches and so forth (obviously things that create all kinds of high paying jobs) and elective surgeries. The last which many nurses are happy about d/t fear of furloughs.

Expect we are going to find out how much demand there is for elective surgery 1) people have lost their health insurance and 2) people on Medicare aren't comfortable going to hospitals. 3) for how long that capacity is really there.

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