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Hi fellow nclex takers especially filipinos!! I want to know which states still accepts initial application w/o ssn? Where is best to apply? I know Ny does not require ssn but it looks like cvs takes along time. Im thinking of Florida? Which only requires ces and english? Which state are you guys applying?

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Kabayan, assume you pass the NCLEX and some states may allow the release of the nursing license without the SS#, but what will you do to look for a US job without it? Or do you already have working permit or working visa?

Other things to consider besides the not having to provide a SS# upon the first timer application process, you should know that some states have a limited number of NCLEX re-takes before having to enroll in a nursing refresher course (FL for example is 3 times) and know that the passing rate for international applicants is about 30-35%, NY is unlimited.

But at the end of the day where do you want to start your new career in what state? That should be the most important question and that can only be answered by you and maybe if you have a family or plan to start one, where do you want your kids to grow in without having to move them away from their friends?

Getting a license in one state then endorsing it to the state you really wanted makes absolutely no sense at all in terms of money and time because what you wanted to NOT do (cvs, English exam, ces, etc), you MUST do in the state you really wanted to work in is what I mean. That's why I stress just concentrate on one state. It will make your life much easier.

With that statement, yes, there will be some very desirable states that for the time being is basically very difficult to get licensed in, such as CA, where the CHED reports over 33% of all PH grads wants to go and usually settle down till retirement age.

Focus on a state where you want to work and practice in and take into consideration some of the limitation facing the international applicants.

Btw, I think FL will not release the license until you provide them with the SS# that's work authorized and there are other states as well. It's up to you to carefully read the application forms and read them line by line. If there's any doubts, simply e-mail or call that state's BON and patience can be tested.


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Requiring a SSN (legal authority to work in the US) in order to get licensed (in nursing or anything else) is a Federal law; it is just taking some states longer than others to come into compliance with it. States that still permit this will stop doing so before long; it's just a matter of time.

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