State and National Emergency Declarations: where is the EOC?


Am I missing something? I thought when there is a state and/or national declaration of an emergency, all sorts of new chains of commands are set in place and an EOC is set up. Where is this? The response is not centralized, it seems. Do nurses know where their EOC is? Or who it is? Does the federal EOC supercede the state EOC? Who is it? I am not panicking. I have just not heard anything about an EOC, and I think we should have by now.



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Ideally, each state has an EOC which coordinates state efforts to coincide and compliment the directives and recommendations from the CDC. Normally, pandemic planning and meetings would have been occurring on a routine basis to address the usual culprits which can plague some communities...Hep A, TB, influenza, etc...while also considering any novel virus emerging and becoming known. I was a member of such a team in the 90s. I worked in a community health system when invited to join...overseeing a brought broad immunization initiative. It was interesting work.

It would appear that this administration neglected the necessary pandemic planning of the nation. Capitalists rarely see the value in spending lots of money in advance for preparation for something that is not guaranteed to happen.

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My city's EOC has been activated. I don't know about the state.