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  1. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    Oh shoot. I was hoping someone would hop on here and say I am wrong.
  2. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    Meantime, I am an "older" nurse who likely won't be hired in spite of being willing to enthusiastically work just about any shift anywhere, as long as I can get some acute care experience. Age-ism.
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    Medscape article about California nurses:
  4. Mask refusal on unit

    Thanks. Disinfecting surfaces is done regularly and is not the problem, as I see it, which is droplets in the air. She also takes it off to sneeze and cough. Oh - re-reading now for comprehension ? and see what you mean. I think she would know exactl...
  5. Mask refusal on unit

    Hi - I tried searching already existing topics, so as not to add to them, but couldn't really find an appropriate place to post this. Someone with an admin job in our unit and who works in a small yet moderately / regularly trafficked office, takes o...
  6. Site Changes

    I agree with Wuzzie above. Can't find how to sign in from the homepage. Pain.
  7. How Does This End?

    Wouldn't the key metric be several columns over: deaths per million? The US is at 429, while Brazil is at 367, as of now. Not that far off from each other.
  8. Study: Immunity To Coronavirus May Fade Away Within Weeks

    This is a corona virus. Ie the virus that usually causes colds. I say that just in terms of immunity. Meaning, being a corona virus, why are we all of a sudden expecting it to confer immunity like other viruses? You can get more than one cold a seaso...
  9. Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

  10. COVID in the Break Room?

    A solution really needs to be found. I often go outside as I think it's the safest place. I sympathize with people's need to breathe freely without a mask and of course to eat. But what's the point of all the mask wearing the rest of the day if durin...
  11. Coronavirus Second Wave?

    I follow Michael Osterholm's characterization in that it's not about waves. He likens it to a forest fire. As long as there's wood to burn, it will burn.
  12. Patients testing Covid positive AFTER admission

    I work with patients who are generally Covid negative until they're not, and sent in for testing and perhaps longer-term hospitalization. In terms of our possible exposure, and what "counts" as exposure, we are referred to a PDF with an information g...
  13. And viral load? The young are magically exempt from suffering horrendous effects (death even) with a high viral load? Who controls this sure path to vector reduction? Who ensures that they will get just enough but not too much? How do healthy HCW die...
  14. "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters" "I don't kid"
  15. Yes, Mr Trump, that's what you said at murder show #1 in Tulsa. We heard you then, and still we know it's faulty reasoning and wrong, and you don't know what you're talking about in general.