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State Boards Tomorrow


Please pray to your respective Higher Powers for me, please, please, please!!!! I take the State Boards tomorrow morning and need all the positive energy I can muster!

I don't know if it's a reliable indicator or no (I've heard both), but I passed HESI in Med-Surg I with a 89.5%, then a 93.88% in Med-Surg II. I 've spent the past couple of weeks since May 13 working 7-4:30 (non-nursing job), then reviewing for State Boards for approximately 2 hours every evening.

Best wishes to all of you taking your Boards soon, and best wishes to those of you who are on your way! And thank you to those of you who have made it already and inspire us all (i.e, Fergus51 [?] and SmilingBluEyes, especially -- I've lurked your posts and respect you so much both!!!!)

Live, laugh, love,


RainDreamer, BSN, RN

Specializes in NICU. Has 13 years experience.

(((((Good Luck))))) You'll do fine :)

Best of luck to you - I'm sending you positive thoughts and energy!

grinnurse, RN

Specializes in Med/Surge.

You will be in my thoughts today. Hope all goes well and let us hear back from you. YOU WILL PASS!!!

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and encouragement.

My test shut off at 75 questions. I don't exactly have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this...

Many people say it's just a number (the number of questions, that is) and no, there weren't that many similar questions asked of me. Still, I worry like I think most of us probably would.

Between now and the time results become available, stressing about this will serve no positive purpose. I think I'll go for a swim and some conch fritters. I'll post again once I have my results. Before I go, I send sunny thoughts, encouragement, and giant hugs to those of you who face your State Boards in the coming days! I'll be rooting for ya!

Live, laugh, love,


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