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i am finally starting to work prn in a well-reputed psych unit (after overcoming roadblocks put up by my home department) and will be orienting soon. i looked at past threads and noted these common psych meds. are there others i should get familiar with? thanks bunches.

common psych meds: clozaril, risperidone, risperidone consta, haldol/haldol dec, geodon, zyprexa/zydis, seroquel, abilify, vpa/depakote, lamictal, topamax, cogentin, plus labs that might go along with these.


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I would also get familiar with: ativan, valium, benadryl, clonidine, invega, vistaril, librium, anafranil, wellbutrin, effexor, paxil, prozac, lexapro, celexa, ambien, lunesta, trazadone, ritalin, concerta, strattera, neurontin, remeron, and restoril . If this is also a substance abuse/detox unit I would look up suboxone and campral. For dementia I would know aricept and namenda.


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Thanks! I'm familiar with many of those meds because I've worked oncology and med/surg. And I have a good friend who's treatment-resistant bipolar and clinically depressed, so I've learned a lot about psych meds through her.


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Risperdal Consta is a very expensive long acting injection that lasts about 2 weeks. Don't mess it up while mixing it. It is IM only. The shots cost about $500 a piece.

Also alot of drugs have off label uses that are used in every psych facility everywhere.

Drugs like Inderal (Beta Blocker) in 10-20 mg for dose, to help calm "stage fright" type situations

Also Cogentin (to control Extra Pyrmidrial Symptoms)

Zydis is the oral tasteless melts in your mouth tablet of Zyprexa.

Any more questions?


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We are also using Topamax and Provigil...also be familiar with Cymbalta...don't know if it was mentioned, but Symbyax as well. Best of luck to you!


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O, and Thorazine and Prolixin/Prolixin Dec.

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