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Starting in two weeks! So excite!

After 2 years of prereq BS, I'm finally starting in two weeks! I'm excited to be getting into a field and profession that really interests me...and working towards my 4th bachelors degree, lol. Got all my books, binders, pens, highlighters a plenty! (probably overdid it on the stationary, but I have so many pens I could open a stationary store, no joke) I've also literally spent 2 hours a day (AT LEAST) reading for tips on this awesome site, and I think I'm ready to go! Only thing I'm not excited about? Could my school have possibly picked an uglier uniform?

Best of luck to everyone who will be starting this spring! To those who are still waiting- be patient. Don't look down on yourself for not being able to start now, and try to better yourself whether it is volunteering, getting a job, working out, etc. There is no such thing as a bad job, because you can always build contacts, and being successful at networking is almost as important as doing well in school! There's also no such thing as too much education ^_^

Anyways, cheers to a new year! Let's give it our best!

I start next week. I will tke the entrance exam tomorrow. I hope I get in this spring. Congrats on starting school.

Only thing I'm not excited about? Could my school have possibly picked an uglier uniform?

What's it look like?

OB-nurse2013, BSN, RN

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I am so excited too. I start in 4 days and am excited but nervous. I am also in a BSN program :) I have just been trying to organize all the stuff my teachers have already sent us and get familiar with it. I think I'm just nervous because we didn't have an orientation, it will just be our first day that we go over everything so its a bit mysterious.:confused:


As for my uniform? It's just all white, but I look like a cross between a marshmallow and the Michelin tire mascot.

lol, our uniforms are like that too, I prefer to compare it to the stay puft marshmallow man though :rotfl:

But I am commenting because your enthusiasm is invigorating. Stick with others who are and stay away from the debbie downers. That is my one bit of advice. It's easy to get sucked into the drama, and every school has it. Just stay psyched and go into clinicals and kick butt! Enthusiasm will carry you a loooong way.

Aww thank you! I've always believed that with everything you do, you need to have not only professionalism, but also a positive outlook. It will get you far, because like you said...no one likes a party pooper! Always try to find the silver lining! You gotta take care of yourself, because you can have everything in the world...but if you don't have your health, who's to say anything is worthwhile?

Stay Puft Marshmellow Man....hehehehehehe =)

all white?! eek! I'd hate all white. Ours are all maroon, not bad. Marshamallow woman or not...make sure to kick some nursing school butt :cool: Good luck to you

Thanks! I would gladly trade for all maroon. Mine is not only white, but somewhat see through! Huuba huuba! Best of luck to you as well!

OB-nurse2013, BSN, RN

Specializes in Labor and Delivery.

See my school is so mysterious I don't even know what our uniforms are lol. But speaking off I had a friend that was a prenursing student (lost her somewhere:( and she worked at a local hospital and she would joke that she wanted to go to this otehr university because their uniforms were so nice.

I also agree with you statement about being positive, I think how you react and look at things can really change change a situation. I think I have a realistic outlook on nursing school but I am also super excited to be at this point. I wanted to be a nurse when I was very little and was in my last semester of pre-req's when I had to take some time off. So it was so close and gone so I am just loving buying my books and equipment. Practicing taking my husbands pre-hypertensive bp everyday and I think our excitement will help get us through the more difficult or stressful parts.

PS Guavaturtle I lovvveee your name..I love turtles :)


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