Starting and Studying for NCLEX


Hi everyone! :)

I am about to start my final semester (YAY!) and will be graduating in December.

I was just wondering when you all started studying (before graduation, after graduation...) and for how long you studied/how long you waited to take the NCLEX after graduation.

Also wondering if you consider the Kaplan program worth all the $$$$$

Thank you all!

Oh and one more thing! Is there anything specific anyone recommends to make sure to focus on?

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I started studying after graduation. School was more than enough to worry about for me...didn't need the added work. I studied a little over a month prior to taking boards. Some people say they studied for 2 weeks- some 2 months. It all depends on when you feel "comfortable" enough to take the exam. I studied until I felt "ready" and then scheduled my exam. The week of my exam I completed the Lacharity workbook (highly recommend that one!).

I've heard great things about Kaplan. It's great for test-taking strategies. If you feel you lack content Hurst might be the better choice.

I would focus on what you feel are your weak areas and do as many Qs as you can prior to your exam. Good Luck!


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I started after graduation. I took Hurst and Kaplan. I read my Hurst (content) book 4 times and did some questions on Kaplan (strategy).