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Hello everyone,

I am currently a Medical Assistant. I have decided to go back to school to become an RN. So I will be starting in the spring, January 2012. I went to a tech school for my MA degree. So this will be my first time in real college. I am a bit confused on some things. Not sure if anyone can help me.

So I see there are prereqs I have to take before I can get into the RN program. I understand those. One of my concerns there are prereqs before the preqs if that makes sense. Do I have to take those before I can take the actual prereqs for the RN program?

The other question is when I tested for the entrance exam to the college. It said I scored low on math. Said I need a math course too. There is no math course outlined in the prereqs for the RN program. So why are they saying I have to take a math course? So confused... if anyone can help defumble this from my brain I would truly appreciate it. :confused:

Thank you~ freaking out pre-nursing student. :nurse:

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You really want to have honest conversations with the school about the courses.

Math is critical for all nurses. Many of us did not like math or do well in the math exams but there is no leeway when it comes to giving medications. There is no room for error. You will need the math course suggested in order to pass the math calculations part of your course.

Best wishes

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Thank you so much for the info. Sorry if I put this in wrong section. Just signed up for this forum. Still learning my way around. ;)

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Good luck with your nursing plans.