starting prereqs !!


ok starting school on monday at age 37 getting very nervous:confused:..i am mostly excited but having the usual doubts i gues..can i do this? i have time? am i going to have a life?..have been reading some comments as you can i am sure i will be fine in a week or so when get into hopefully this is normal


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I had the same "worries" haven't actually sat in a classroom in 4yrs. I got really nervous about sitting in a classroom for 6hrs. All my classes for that day just happened to be in that one room. I started school on Friday. Since I had to attend all day classes, and from prior experience, I scheduled math first. Starting off in my element really helped me relax and the rest of the day became a breeze. I have math, psy, then speech.

I hope you have a well first day. Keep me posted.


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I had the same worries- I've been out of high school for almost 9 years now. I'm taking A&P, Psych 200, English 101, and a math class. So far English is the easiest- so easy that I'm bored to tears by the whole thing LOL. A&P is my favorite definately but it is a lot of work. I have a really great instructor though I think for that class. I keep a running to-do list that I write down everything I need to do for my classes and for work, etc. and then I have a planner where I just write down school stuff and keep track of when I have tests and exams. I make sure I look over my schoolwork daily- even if I don't need to actively study (like for English) I still skim over the assigned reading daily after I actually read it the day it's assigned- that way, since I know this is an easy class for me, if there is a quiz I know I'll be prepared but I'm still not spending as much time actually studying, so I can focus that time on A&P instead. Does that make sense? It's early and even though I did get to sleep in (until 7 LOL) I'm still sleepy...

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I felt the same way you did! I am still easing into the whole transition. I hadn't been in a classroom for over 6 years. It was nerve-racking, but I felt calm after I got in each class and got situated. I always sit up front. Less distractions, less times to looking around at others. It did help.

My instructors, one of the first things they mentioned was the competition. Yours might do the same, but don't let it get to you, and most of all, don't look at everyone in that light, or it'll make your stress so much worse. I think it's good to be reminded that it is a competition, but don't let it ruin friendship or study groups for you (if you're into study groups, that is). Just do your very best, you'll be just fine! I think you will transition in no time! Good luck! :) It's kind of elevating once you finally get in the classroom. I felt good about myself and it came to realization that I'm ACTUALLY doing this. It's exciting!


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I am also 30-something and entering college for the first time. I graduated high school almost 20 years ago so I had all of the same fears as you!

I just finished my first week of college and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I made sure I stayed organized, wrote down all assignments, tests, etc in a planner. I also scheduled time each day for homework and studying. I know it's just the beginning and things will probably get harried at some point but so far, so good.

Best of luck to you!


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thanks everyone..i am sure i will be ok once i get into the groove....i am taking math (refresher since been out of school so long), music appriciation and public speaking!..cant wait to get to A&P seems so much more interesting...well i am super excited to get started on this journey!..i will keep you posted!! class 8;30 in the morn!!..

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Good luck! I had to take math as well, you'll be just fine! Public Speaking will help you out a lot, if you're shy like I am in the beginning! You'll be into A&P and whatnot before you know it! Hope class goes well, hats off to you! :)


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As you can see, you are not alone... I'm 42 and just finished all my pre-requisites after a year and a half at community college. Before that, I hadn't been to college in 15 years since I finished my BS in Biology. I've applied to three ADN and three BSN programs beginning Spring, 2012. I think that people our age have an advantage, since our life experience and past college experiences make us uniquely qualified for the field of Nursing.

Th best advice I can give you.... is get A's ... especially in your sciences... Anatomy, Physiology, Microbio...ace them any way you can. Most of the nursing programs are point-based now, and rely heavily on your core classes.

What programs are you interested in? Remember, every school has slight differences in their requirements, so it's good to have a path, and know exactly what your schools of choice require.

Good luck...just keep your eye on the prize, and you will always succeed...


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Hi sriffey: I will be starting class next Tuesday and I'm already shaking a bit. I'm 28 and haven't stepped foot in a classroom since 2002 which was only one semester of college then I left because it wasn't for me. Now I'm venturing into this world again and I'm definitely all butterflies. You are definitely not alone. I'm questioning so many things like will I have enough time to fit this all in? Will I remember any of this material I've read? Do I need to buy books now or later? Will I get all of this information in my head easily? I hope my shakes settle down soon lol.

How did your first day go so far?


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well 1st week in the books and doing good...i made 100 on 1st music quizz..fixn to start on some math work and a speech for public really excited about everything not so much about speeches but i like the classroom and learning new stuff its going to be alot of work but so far have been doing good managing my time that is the key . so for the last post you can do it , it will be ok...i did get my books before class but was a few that didnt have but i would as soon as you can....


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You will do great! I was the same way, and actually get nervous all over again every semseter!! lol The harder the classes get the more nervous I get! but all I can say is the classes have given me the confidence to know I can do it as long as I put the time and effort into it! You will do great I'm sure, have fun with your classes! :)