Starting Nursing School in the fall?

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Hello! I have been accepted to the Swedish Institute School of Nursing. I start this Fall, Everyone is scaring and telling me that It will be hard, and that I will have no life. I have spoken to nurses and they have told me that i should have gotten to school for PTA Physical Therapy Assistant because its way easier, Also does anyone know of any ADN TO NP programs in NY? my goal is to become a NP :p Thanks Guys!

I'm almost finished with my third semester. It is hard. It is probably the hardest thing I've ever undertaken. Hours of studying in hopes of getting a 76C. That being said it is absolutely fulfilling and I would do it all over again, given the chance.[/quote']

Have you graduated?

Thank you dream. Your post has helped me tremendously. How is your experience so far at the swedish institute? I'm in the beginning process and wanted your advice. Thanks so much :)

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