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Starting nursing school this fall. Any tips?

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Wait a second this was posted a year ago. *shakes fist*

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On 5/7/2018 at 2:34 PM, Jeage said:

Starting nursing school this Fall. Anything I should brush up on or prepare for before I get started? All suggestions welcome, academic or personal. Thanks in advance!

Congrats!  I would wait to buy scrubs and littman stethoscope until you go to orientation.    I bought that stuff before and then at orientation they had scrubs with the school patch for 5 bucks and had a deal with a place to get littmans at great prices. Doh! 

We have to take a clinical math test at the start of each year and get 100 percent or we are history. 

But in terms of preparing I would just have fun and enjoy the rest of summer. 

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