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Hey all!

This morning I start my actual hospital orientation today. Kind of excited, kind of tired. Played 7 hours of sand volleyball yesterday, couldn't sleep that well because of a slight sunburn, but have a full first orientation shift from 7a-7p. Ugh, oh well, I've done worse! I know I'll stay awake cause I'll be actively learning and listening, so I'll be fully engaged!

Charting orientation this week, then I think next week I actually get patients and then start learning everything else. Can't pass meds until I pass NCLEX, but I plan on shuttin that off at 75 here in a few weeks. No biggie :nuke:

Wish me luck! Everyone have a great day!


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Good luck!


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Good Luck. This is an exciting day, enjoy, learn, and realize you are entering one of the best professions out there.:bow::balloons:

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Good Luck! This is such an exciting time! :D


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How exciting! Since I'm just starting nursing school (fall - pre-reqs summer), really anxious to hear how your first few days/week is going - so post some updates! Sounds like you are good and active, and I bet that really helps!

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congrats and good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Good luck on your first day :w00t:


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How exciting!!! Good luck with you. :nuke:

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Hey thanks guys! For the support and everything :p

I dunno what to say about my first day. It was good, dont get me wrong.... but it really gave me insight into what some of the reality in nursing is. A LOT of documentation, and a lot less actual patient care. I mean you know you always hear about not really caring for the patient, but I guess it doesn't really sink in until you experience it first hand during a shift.

I didn't have any patients. I had a preceptor, who was awesome btw, who sat me down and worked on some nursing documentation with the system. Fortunately, my last clinical site was HCA, and the hospital surgical floor I work on now is also HCA, so she was happy that I was somewhat familiar with the system. The class I'm going to Wednesday for charting and documentation is the same class we went to before clinicals, so it will be a good refresher. (not to mention I actually get PAID this time, lol :up:) Cant be that!

Well, we got done talking about all the charting and documentation stuff because I flew through it, so around 930 or so we started going around and just helping other people out basically. It was cool... it was almost like a day of clinicals, except with one on one instruction! lol.

I probably got to start like 5 IVs, hang countless bags of fluid, start some foleys, even got to remove a central line femoral catheter (very odd place. dont seem them very often at all. but i got to cut some sutures, was cool.) Just overall, it was kind of pointless in both of our opinions to go back and do the charting and documentation without having a patient to put it with. i told her i think id learn better if i just did it again later this week when I actually got one patient to associate all of that charting with, and she agreed.

So the rest of the day was cool. Setup a couple of PCAs, got more comfortable dealing with IV pumps and hanging/spiking bags and learning how to manipulate the IV cords. (I feel super weak at anything with IV pumps, just afraid I'll let one run and leak everywhere or something, so it was nice to work with that!)

Anyway, a very good first day. Just a lot of basic skills down, but also the realization that it's a lot more paperwork/charting than I thought! Kind of overwhelming, but I think it will be easier once I put some patients to the charting instead of just learning about it.

My biggest goal is to get a grasp on how to manage my day and my time, and not drown right off the bat! If I can stay afloat for the first few hours and get everything down, I think the rest of my day will go smooth!

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