Starting to feel sick


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okay now im definately starting to feel sick... i dont test until 7/14...i dont hink i could wait another 3 weeks...i really feel like moving my date up...yet i feel like im not prepared...i dont even have an appetite and my concentration is GONE...nothing is sticking when i study...there are times when im relaxed and there are times when i start to get nervous, angry, mad , everything!!..sorry if i seam to be a bit paranoid...but i thought nursing school was bad...this nclex is a nerve the way has anyne ever taken an nclex in the afternoon??? nclex-pn is at 3pm!!>...this is one of the major reasons why i want to change my date to and EARLIER test date because i can get a result the following day...its also a friday..that weekend im going to go insane...need some encouraging words of advice please:uhoh3:




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I know exactly how you feeling, because i have started feeling the same way. I have 2 weeks left for nclex and the entire day today i was feeling very uneasy, the thought of actually sitting for the exam is making me nauseous. I have not been able to focus, i feel like i have tons to do, and not prepared at all. I have been telling myself since the past few hours that its going to be ok, i will pray a lot and with Lords mercy i will pass. I am right now trying to talk myself into calming down.

After studying a lot, everything depends on those few hours and I know I have to do my best. At same time I know no matter what i am going to be freaking out because i have always been that way, but trying my best to make the best of the situation.....

Try to stay calm and do your best... Good Luck to you!!!!

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