when to start studying for practicals??

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I am an excelsior student, with a paramedic backround, currently taking Health Safety. Than off to Health differences. I was wondering when should I start studying the practical stuff. Is there time at the end of the didactic part? What about the workshops? is this just for the cpne? Just wondering.....


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most people have a 4-6 mo wait to get into the CPNE so you should have plenty of time to practice that stuff AFTER you complete all you exams...as far as the workshops go there are alot of them to choose from, just google search them to get more info...i plan on scheduling mine about a month before my actual CPNE date when i get it!

You sound just like me this last couple of weeks, I'm a paramedic working on the same exams and wondering the same thing! I was wondering if I need to start working on the practicals practice now (on top of everything else?). Tasha, I think you're right. The exams, then the workshop, then the CPNE. That time will get here when it gets here.

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I didn't start practicing things for the CPNE until I could focus 100% on it. There will be time. :)

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Ditto with Lunah Girl!!!

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