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Should I use a Back pack to carry my things in? And scrubs can be worn anyday but she wants us to wear them on Fridays for clinicals..... I got my back pack with all my nursing stuff in it

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Scrubs are some comfortable stuff! You can also interview in scrubs (medical only) or do grocery shopping in scrubs and no one will even turn a look at you. Sure beats what I had to wear before I worked medical. I used to be a convention banquet waiter in a major tourist convention destination city. Stuffing it in a backpack did not work because the place was very anal about wrinkles. Wearing a tuxedo everyday particularly in the heat and humidity where I live got old quick. Scrubs have no issues like that.

Now, if you need to change clothes to another job or to go out, that is your call.

If you're talking about classroom (lecture, whatever) who cares?

If it's really important to them (for whatever reason), they will have specified the standard.

Maybe for clinicals, it matters, but my exper. has been that some space has been made aval. for students to put their 'shtuff' while at the facility. (KSHE shtuff, KSHE 95 (94.7). )

When I took my CNA class, my only "stuff" was a 1" binder with the powerpoint handouts and a pen. My school had everything else we needed. What all do you need?

We only wore scrubs when we did clinicals; otherwise, we wore regular clothing.

As far as wearing scrubs to an interview.....don't. There are plenty of posts on here about that.

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