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when to start applying


I am wondering how long before I graduate would it be appropriate to start applying for jobs??


Some here will tell you to start right away. But the eco is so bad that when friends of mine were called before they had passed the boards and were asked if they were licensed yet -- they said not yet, and that was that. No more conversation. Thing is you gotta have all ducks in a row now for many facilities. There are so many applicants for each job, they don't need to gamble on you passing or not. Get it all together, talk to your references now.


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I started applying in December (I graduate in May) because that is what I was told to do. HOWEVER, with the job market being so bad, most HR departments told me to wait until I have my license :uhoh3: Sooo, i'm going to wait.

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I have been told to apply now too, except most hospitals are online applications and they, at least for me, they ask if you are liscensed. Yesterday I applied to some jobs, yet today I received an email from them stating that because I was not fully qualified they would not be looking at my application. Only one place I have looked at allowed me to put * activley persuing liscense when asked if I was a RN