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staRN program??? Questions...


Hey everyone,

I just got offered a spot in the staRN new grad program for St. Lucie Medical Center's ICU! The program is not until Oct. 20th and the site is almost 1 1/2 hours away....so I am trying to figure out how I will manage childcare at that time. Can anyone who has been in the program tell me what your classroom and clinical hours were like? Did you have your clinicals at the same hospital you did classroom work at? The nurse recruiter does not have this info for me right now.....so any input would be really helpful! Also, I am pregnant and due to deliver right in the middle of clinicals, so who knows how that will work out when I tell the recruiter. Hopefully it doesn't stop me from participating in the program....


I am in the preceptorship part of the program that start at the end of June. 5 more weeks. We have to go to classes for a few weeks and also dd the ECCO program online. The days we did the ECCO we stayed home. The others days was classes. We also had simulation labs on fridays( for me this implied driving over 1.5hrs each way). Classes were held 9 to 5. There were a 2 test, first one was a identify heart rhythms and the other one was a comprehensive final. After passing the final I started my 8 weeks preceptorship in the floor. Good luck!!!


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Hi! I'll be starting the StaRN program for Raulerson Hospital in January 2015. I have a question for people who got accepted: Did you sign a contract prior to beginning the Program? Or at least got an official offer?


We didn't sign a contract until about a month before the program started. We didn't get an official letter.

Hello adrijel, congrats! I am actually going to start in the January class as well, due to the fact that I would deliver during the October class and wouldn't have been able to complete the clinical portion. Thankfully, the hospital has been awesome about my pregnancy =). Maybe we will be in the same class....I am going for ICU, how about you? There is no paperwork for me yet, but I keep in touch with the recruiter and she said that in November she will start the paperwork process for the staRN program with me. From what I understand, after the program and clinical portion is completed you will then sign a contract with the hospital you will work for. During the program you are employed by Parallon and they are the ones paying you. Any other questions let me know and maybe I can help! Congrats again!

We signed our contract when we meet with parallon in May. During the last 3 weeks of preceptorship we do all the paperwork to transfer to the hospital payroll. However, the official 2 years of contact don't start until you are transferred to hospital payroll, but the time with parallon counts as your 90 day probation period.


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Thanks fubaby1!


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Hi ccer99! I'm not sure about the class, during my interview, we were talking about med/surg position...

January seems so far away. And I'll be relocating from California in December. Hope to meet you!

Can someone please explain to me how can I apply to the staRN program?


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Here sweetf

Hmmm... I tried uploading the file, but I'm not allowed to. I'll just copy the text.


Lawnwood Regional Medical Center

Raulerson Hospital

St. Lucie Medical Center

The StaRN program is primarily designed to provide the new RN with the tools necessary

to succeed in today’s hospital environment. This includes specialty areas such as PCU,

ICU, Med-Surg/Tele, Orthopedics, Oncology, Trauma Neuro & CV Step-Down.

The StaRN program consists of 6 - 7 weeks classroom training and 6 – 7 weeks of

clinical rotation (depending upon Dept. placement)

The training period is a collaboration between the specific facility and Parallon

Workforce Solutions. You will be paid for the training by Parallon and converted to the

facility upon successful completion of the course.

Your training will include Basic EKG, ACLS, ECCO (core curriculum of the AACN)

high level simulation lab and systems based lectures.

Requirements include: FL RN Licensure, BLS, 2 yr. contract following training, and a

desire to be part of a team delivering quality, patient satisfaction centered care in an

environment that allows you to learn, grow professionally and succeed.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Treasure Coast StaRN

program – please contact Treasure Coast HCA Recruiters:

Tina Ankeny, LRMC @ 772-467-8125

Ann Phillips, SLMC / Raulerson @ 772-398-3719

We want to know . . .

Are you HCA?? "

Hope this helps. Good luck! :)

Thank you! Where did you find this? I have looked all over the site looking for this information. I am actually in South Florida. Do you know if there are any open positions available down here?


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This was sent to me from the recruiter. No idea about other positions. But maybe those recruiters listed there know something... Try contacting them. Maybe you'll get lucky and get some information. Good luck!! :)

Thank you so much!!


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You're welcome sweetf and I wish you the very best!

I didn't know about the program until I interviewed with a hospital that was involved with it. They told me about it during the interview and I got the same information. My recruiter said they are still looking for more new grads at several of the hospitals. If you apply to a hospital that has this program the recruiter will usually look at resumes of those who applied and call anyone who he/she thinks may be a good fit. Call the number on the information and I am sure they will let you know about it! Good luck!


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I also wanted to ask Did any of you get relocation assistance?


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Hi fubaby1

Can you tell me where did you have in classroom classes?

How was the experience for you? Did you like the training? Have you started working in a hospital?

Thank you in advance!

I have the classes at the college, the hospital classroom was booked. They were 9 to 5pm classes, and fridays we drove to boca raton for SIMS labs. I was a almost 2 hr drive each way on fridays.

We also got ACLS, and I got 8 weeks preceptorship, I started on my own last week. The training was good, the instructors were funny and it was like nursing school in 6 weeks. Some days we stayed home and worked on ECCO modules that we had to finish before SIMS on fridays. Good luck to all of you !! :-)