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my mil was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. she is having bowel resection surgery to prevent total blockage. any info or insight on what is expected over the course of this diagnosis-- how should i expect it to progress. also wondered why she is not jaundiced since liver has "multiple lesions" identified on cat scan. thanks for your time. i am a l&d nurse. the only cancer experience i have is caring for my mom through brain cancer 10 yrs ago.

thanks, jama


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Hi, Jama . . .

I just recently joined this forum, participating mostly in the OB section since I'm also in L&D and women's health. I wandered to this group as I was diagnosed with colon ca last week and am in the "staging" process now.

I've found a wonderful, very active on-line support group for those with colon/rectal cancer. If you're still around, let me know if you'd like info on joining.



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Sorry about your MIL. My uncle just passed away in June from colon cancer. He had a colostomy and was taking chemotherapy but it got the best of him.

Gail, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My uncle was elderly and he just didn't have enough strength left to fight the cancer. Good luck in your fight. Everyone responds differently to treatment and never give up hope. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer in Aug. '01. He's 83 and still fighting. The cancer has metastized to the liver but he's still taking chemo and is up and about. God bless you all.


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My thoughts are with both of you for your respective circumstances. There are many new treatments available and some clinical trials in progress that are looking very positive. Most of the clinical trials are for advanced stages, so they may be a route for your m-i-l, Jama. Hopefully, you will receive better news with your staging, Gail. Generally, surgery precedes chemo and radiation treatments, but the surgical wounds must completely heal before chemo begins. I have worked oncology for over 15 years now and have seen a lot of progress. For either of you, feel free to PM me with specific questions or problems, and I'll do my best to help you.

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To those of you suffering from colon cancer,

May whatever you believe in and hold onto for encouragement and strength, be that for you today and throughout the surgery and your treatment plans. I will continue to think positive thoughts and prayers on your behalf. Keep us posted. This BB is a great source of strength and encouragement. We wish the best for you both. :kiss :nurse:


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((((((my prayers and thoughts are with you)))))))



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Thank you all for your kind responses and well wishes. I had a pelvic and abd CT scan Monday . . . first time I've ever been elated to be considered "unremarkable"! No evidence of cancer in liver or elsewhere. Although I know staging cannot be done until surgery, I am feeling quite positive about it all. I've joined a remarkable on-line support group which is full of info and extremely helpful. I see the CRS Friday and hopefully a plan of care can be mapped out so I can know exactly what to anticipate.

Again, thank you for your cares . . .


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