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I have been recently placed on a committee for Nurse Retention and Recruitment. We are currently loosing a lot of staff. What are your salaries? Please also mention your years experience and City, State. In Mobile, AL, 5 years exp. will get you about $20/hour on night shift.


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I work at a hospital in Ashtabula Ohio, about 75 miles east of Cleveland and I make $19.63 an hour(base wage). I work 3-11:30 pm 5 days a week and get a 5% shift differential for evening shift. I've been at this hospital since December 200 and they paid me above the starting wage for a new grad because I have 3+ years experience and I have a BSN with no certification and will have been in nursing for 4 years in August.

And this is a Unionized hospital(the RN's)

Kelly :)

I started out with the hospital allowing my 12 years of LPN experience at 14.90/hr in southwest Missouri in 9/2000.

Graduated in 1994 with ADN. I work in a small rural hospital in Western New York. I am a staff nurse and relief charge nurse on the 7-3 day shift.

After 7 years I make $17.50/hr, plus an extra hours pay for each day I am charge. Other shifts earn $.85/hr shift differential.

Alternate working every other weekend and holiday.

Benefits include two PL days/year, two weeks vacation/year. No overtime for holidays worked. Full-timers get full insurance, part-timers have to pay for insurance, repudiation available.

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I got a job in a NICU in October 2000 as a new grad RN (so no prior experience). I work nights and make $20.57/hour. My base pay is $17.57, with a $3.00 night shift differential. I have an RN and BSN.

The starting base pay (new grad with no experience, ADN or BSN) at most hospitals here in San Diego, CA seems to be around $16-17/hour.

Based on the other posts I've read, that sounds pretty decent for a new grad, but I live in the San Diego area. Cost of living is high here. Decent 2 bedroom apartments are at least $900-1000/month and you probably won't find a house to buy for under $200,000. And that's for a basic house, not a nicey-nice one. So it doesn't sound so good if you want to buy a house, considering you're likely looking at a $2000/month mortgage! That's my entire monthly pay!

Any nurses from the San Francisco area want to respond? I'd like to know what you guys get paid. Cost of living is even higher there!

I make 21.35 base salary. Been at the hospital since graduation in '93. Have BSN with no additional pay for BSN. I work in Charleston WV

Are they going agency? Here are some rates from Agencies in the Southern NH area:

RN one year exp.

LTC 20-29/hr

hosp 25-47/hr

Each is dependant on which agency you work for and what shift. The 47/hr is for ICU 11-7 Charge.

Each Agency has medical insurance, but is costly. I just bought a blue/cross plan for 46/mo to cover major medical.

Some agency have earned time policies as well. The perks are up and coming and so are the wages.

Good Luck.

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