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staff education

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We have not had any educator on our floor for the past couple of years and now we want to start one. I was asked to help with the staff education. Since I have never done this job, I don't know where to start and how. Any ideas? How does your educator do it in your place?

Thank you:redbeathe

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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What a great idea.

I would suggest that FIRST you take time to clarify and formalize expectations. How will you be evaluated in this role -- in other words, how will your manager define "success"? How much time are you being allotted for education activities? FYI, 'normal' prep time for a 30 minute inservice is about 4 hours - it will be more if the topic is not one in which you already have expertise. Will you be expected to collect & maintain attendance records? Will you be expected to produce compliance/participation reports? If so, will you have access to a computer & office or will you have to maintain records manually?

If you have a facility education department, take time to meet with them and find out what guidelines, policies & procedures you must follow for staff education. For instance, you will probably NOT be able to create any tests for your unit because those are a major source of HR liability.

Finally, gather "needs assessment" information. I would strongly advise against the old favorite "wish list" technique in which you ask the staff what they want to attend. Instead, focus on competency & strategic needs. What areas need improvement? Are there any quality issues? Talk to the docs and ask their opinions - when they identify an issue, ask him/her about willingness to do an educational presentation for the staff on that issue (they all think they are teachers). Prioritize all the 'needs' and take them back to your manager for approval.

THEN - gather 'volunteer' presenters & outline your education calendar. Start with all the "must do" stuff, like CPR, annual competencies, etc. & then plug in the inservices. Don't try to teach everything yourself, it'll make you crazy.

Finally, at the end of the year, you need to evaluate your efforts - formal document for your manager. Look at things like 'smile sheets' or student evaluations for each offering as well as whether you accomplished your overall goals .

Good LUCK! If you find that you like the educator role, Please (!) seek out additional education in the professional discipline of "workplace education". We have a whole body of knowledge, research, professional standards, etc. that define our discipline.

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Wonderfully said and I echo every word! The ANCC has a small book of Standards for Nurse Professional Development. JC might be expecting those standards to be upheld. OSHA wants signatures on everyone who attends a class or inservice related to safety (which is just about everything). Keep records 7 years on safety issues. HR and Education are your best resources. Good luck!

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Productivity in Staff Development is tricky because most of your planning time is considered non-productive. I would put out a questionairre to staff with broad topics such as: Therpaputic Communication, Dealing with Difficulty People, Critical thinking SKills, Intepreting EKG's, Mother/Baby related issues. Domestic Violence etc .

You could set up a survey on surverymonkey and then use the results to see what will get you the highest interest and attendance.

Certainly you should be involved with BLS, ACLS certification and re-certification, any glucometer training that is required, computer assessment, med safety, ask for the IR's and see what is the issue: are there a lot of falls, med errors etc and then education based on that information.

nursej22, MSN, RN

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I recommend obtaining a copy of The Educational Process in Nursing Staff Development

by Joann Alspach (Mosby). I don't know if it is still in print, but I found a used copy online. You may have a copy in your hospital library.

It covers stuff from theory to planning, instruction, evaluation and record keeping.


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Among other things, you can place a notebook with interesting health topics at the nsg station with a sign sheet that everyone signs after reading. Just please don't do like our hospital; they have now{in this economy and all the cutbacks} decided ALL hospital staff from housekeepers to nurses have to do Done in a day where we sit thru 8 hrs education and cover all the crap we have already done with our CBLS and rep inservices.:zzzzz

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