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1st year student

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Just wanted to say hi to everybody. I am new to this site and new to nursing. Just finished my first placement and in need of a good break not to mention a good drink. I have a family to take care of also. How do you get through 3 years of hard work with uni, placements and family. I need some good solid advice on how to keep sane through it all. Thanx from a worried student.:uhoh3:


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hello and welcome to allnurses.com

it is really great to have you with us. enjoy the forums.

Hello Wendy 7,

I am coming into my last semester. I graduate in April 2006. I remember my first year, I've always been a really cool headed person so I didn't freak out as much. I did have alot of classmates that did. Time management is the key- always always stay ahead with your reading(I say this because believe it or not some students wait until after lecture to read). Look at your syllabus and look at when the test are going to be given, what need to be read by when, and leave enough time for you to be able to review what you have read already. You'll probably come across some really nice clincial instructors and then there those that just make you wanna cry don't let that control your mind. Your goal is to graduate and become the best nurse you can be. You have to learn to take constructive criticism and use it to your advantage. If you don't understand a theory ask someone else to explain it to you. I'm not for sure what you are taking for your first year but I took Patho and Pharm. Make sure you get this down because it will show up all through your time in school little by little. I have a lot of classmates that are married with children so my school offers a luncheon just to meet with the spouses to the explain their curriculum and how to help their wifes or husbands transition from stay at home mom to student nurse by supporting them and assisting them with those e.g. chores around the house. The first year is always rough because you don't know what is expected of you and scared that you might not give that clinical instructor the right classification for the drug she just asked you about-that is major pressure. If you are staying ahead on reading and practicing with the basic skills that they've taught you thus far give your self credit because you actually know more than you think you know(that's what our instructors always tell us). One more thing when taking test don't look too much into the question meaning you start thinking about what happened with friends and family or others in that same situation you 'll answer it wrong. Look at what the question is asking you about and who it is in reference to the nurse, the patient, or other. Remember with nursing the #1 thing is SAFETY" What would a safe and competence nurse do?" Good Luck-You'll make it! I'm from the U.S. I hope this helps since Nursing is a universal field.

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hello and welcome from another one living in Yorkshire :)

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